WW1 flowers + tributes

WORLD WAR ONE 2014 centenary: floral displays & tributes to local servicemen

• click the images to enlarge • printable versions are available on request

ww1displays20140810_01 ww1displays20140810_02 ww1displays20140810_03 ww1displays20140810_04 ww1displays20140810_05 ww1displays20140810_06 ww1displays20140810_07 ww1displays20140810_08 ww1displays20140810_09 ww1displays20140810_10 ww1displays20140810_11 ww1displays20140810_12 ww1displays20140810_13 ww1displays20140810_14 ww1displays20140810_15 ww1displays20140810_16 ww1displays20140810_17 ww1displays20140810_18 ww1displays20140810_19

photographs copyright © 2014 marcus@integraldesign / totnes with bridgetown pcc


2 thoughts on “WW1 flowers + tributes

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