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WELCOME to Wild Church…‘bringing spirit back to earth’
An invitation…to re-member Sundays as whole and holy time, re-visiting our local sacred spaces and returning to the community of all beings through sharing food, walking out into nature for elemental celebration, sinking into deep silence and opening to the spirit of the wild…

WILD CHURCH BULLETIN SEPTEMBER 2017 – news & thankyous

Wild Church has now concluded its third year of eco-spiritual pilgrimages. We are now taking a break – look out for news of next year’s Sacred Wells & Springs Pilgrimages.
We’ve had a wonderful time since September 2016 with our monthly tree pilgrimages on the second Sunday of the month in collaboration with local lovers of the wild including Myrtle of Wild & Curious Foraging, Cami of the The Meadow Pollinators’ Sanctuary, Sue from Adventures with Horses and Hugh of Canoe Adventures. More details in our online journal.
Thank you to all our collaborators and to all the many pilgrims who have joined us over the last year. Thanks also to the Network of Wellbeing for their core funding, which enabled us to continue to offer most events on a donation basis.
Wild Monastics meetings for sacred chant and silent meditation at St Mary’s Church, Dartington concluded for the summer but will be back monthly at Hillcrest, Dartington from Oct 11th at 4pm. New members welcome! Please contact Sam for details.
Reverend Samantha (Sam) Wernham
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WILD CHURCH BULLETIN AUGUST 2016 – news & upcoming events

WILD HARVEST LAUNCH & FUNDRAISERSunday 9th October 2016 at Dartington Church • CURRENT PILGRIMAGES & RETREATS began Sunday 30th October 2016, then on the 2nd Sunday of each month from November.CommunionJuly2016Over the last couple of years, Wild Church has met monthly, our focus being on silent communion with nature and each other. We’ve recently completed a pilgrimage from our home base in Dartington towards first the source and then the mouth of the River Dart. CanoeAdventureFor the story of our journey, with lots of lovely photos, have a look at our journal. Many thanks to all who have journeyed together, whether for just one stage or many.
We are now taking a summer break in which to cook up our next adventure! This will be a series of retreat-like days in the wild from Autumn 2016. Each event will be focussed on meeting with remarkable trees and in collaboration with some local social enterprises who share our love of mindful silence and of the wild.
Network of Wellbeing logoWild Church is delighted to have received some seed funding from Totnes based charity Network of Wellbeing.
Join us on Sunday 9th October in Dartington Church for our Wild Harvest launch and fundraiser. From 3-6pm we have a feast of poetry, storytelling (& cake!) featuring local poet, Ian Adams, reading from his latest book Unfurling and local storyteller, Helen Raphael Sands, telling the tale of the Dartington White Hart. (Cost £6 including tea.)
Then from 8pm we are delighted to be hosting an evening with Peter Owen Jones, author and presenter of BBC TV’s Extreme Pilgrim, How to Live a Simple Life and other programmes. (Cost £8 including more tea!)
Our first retreat day will be on Sunday 30th October with Myrtle Cooper from Wild and Curious and will feature wild food foraging and further delights focussed on the ancient Dartington chestnut trees. Then from November we’ll be offering monthly tree pilgrimages / retreats on the second Sunday of the month in collaboration with local lovers of the wild including Cami Robyn of Beloved Sanctuary, Sue Blagburn from Adventures with Horses and Jo Formosinho of Wildful. More details on our website & facebook group in due course, but you can look forward to a sloe gin forage, yew mead communion, birch tapping, the magic of apples and bees, joining a horse herd under the oaks… and more!
~Reverend Sam Wernham 
Founder of River Dart Wild Church – ‘bringing spirit back to earth’

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Updated September 2017:
Wild Church
is currently taking a break (see top of this page).
[Please see the Events page for details of upcoming meetings.]
Wild Church is entirely self-funded and offered on a gift economy basis; donations are most welcome – thanks!

wildchurchstreamWHEN DO YOU FEEL MOST ALIVE? When are you most open and connected with a deeper sense of being? When do you fall in love with life and want to turn towards the world with hope and care?
Perhaps, like us, your sacred ground is the earth under your feet… your sacred spaces are cathedrals of trees with branches filled with wind and rain, sunlight or stars…your baptismal pools are filled with deep brown river water or the wild and salty sea. Perhaps, like us, you yearn to share this…for spiritual community, for authentic meeting and deep silence with people and with all beings.
wildchurchskySo, welcome to Wild Church!
We are a small core group with a warm and open welcome to all of any faith or none. We are journeying through the seasons of the spirit from Advent to Ordinary Time in community with each other and within the changing cycles of the natural world that we are part of. We meet on the first Sunday of each month to remember this as sabbath, as sacred time and space, in a way that then enlivens the deep sacred nature of everyday and place.
We don’t have a fixed format from month to month, as for us an emergent style is part of the wild nature of Wild Church! But there are recurring elements woven together in different ways for each gathering.
So some of us start the day in local established Church services, which can be both a blessing and a challenge, so some of us don’t! Depending on service times, we then share food and walk out into the wild, in whatever order best fits blood sugar levels… and we welcome anyone who wants to join us at any stage.
When walking out, we travel together in silence, in communion with each other and nature…through the forest, along the river bank or shore…whatever the weather and so being touched by the cool of the rain, the depth of gathering dark, the richness of mud, the sweetness of warm sunlight or whatever we meet along the way. We often seek out ancient or natural sacred spaces as the midpoint of a circular walk, when possible, and pause there for simple ceremony and blessing. We then continue back to our starting point, sharing thoughts and experiences along the way now, enjoying good conversation and laughter, pop-up poetry and all and any manner of divine madness!
wildchurchmealAt some point we often come together to share food for Sunday lunch, whether this is a picnic, a pub lunch or a warm welcome in a local home or village hall. As we are journeying month by month, we are meeting wonderful folks from different communities and congregations and honouring all kinds of sacred spaces from ancient trees, rocks and hills to beautiful old chapels and churches.

Our current project is a two year Wild Church pilgrimage from Dartington towards the source of the River Dart on Dartmoor and then travelling back towards the sea. Follow our journalFacebook page to join the journey or come along with us…

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Wild Church is part of Living Spirit, which has its own website with all aspects of my ministry, and a monthly e-newsletter, which folks can sign up to by contacting me by email, telephone or text.
Reverend Samantha (Sam) Wernham
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