To everything there is a season…

angelasumnermonoCONGRATULATIONS to Angela Sumner on her Ordination (see below). We have reprinted below some thoughts from her, written before the ceremony, as published in the September Newsletter.

Angela Sumner’s Ordination to the Priesthood, by Bishop Martin Shaw, took place on Sunday 29th September at St Mary’s, Totnes, in front of a very full church congregation.

This was a team service, celebrating with Angela and her family, and welcoming Bishop Martin. Sadly our Archdeacon was unable to attend due to family illness; the Very Reverend Julian C Ould deputised as Commissary for the occasion.

Our very best wishes to Angela for her journey ahead. We’ll be featuring photographs from the occasion soon.

Below are some thoughts from Angela Sumner, as published in the September Newsletter.

To everything there is a season…

Recently I received a very welcome phone call from a friend whom I not spoken to for a while. It seemed only a few weeks ago since our last conversation. However, we quickly realised just how much time had passed. Where have the weeks gone? They’ve flown by! The next half hour or so certainly did fly by as we caught up on all the family news and so on.

I came away from the phone call feeling how hectic Life can be at times, as well as full of change. Sometimes the changes that come along are welcome, whereas others much less so.

My mind was drawn back to some verses from Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 which talk about the rich and puzzling tapestry of Life. For some people the Book of Ecclesiastes really means this passage, and especially Verses 1-8. This particular reading is for all seasons and all moods of Life.

To live is to inevitably face change, with all its challenges.

As Verse One says, ‘To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven’ (KJV).

We can think of life as if it’s a large tapestry, with many interwoven threads and colours. Somehow every thread and every colour has its individual place. We look at it to see if we can work out the pattern. Sometimes we are so caught up in the busyness of Life that we can’t begin to see the pattern.

We need then to take time to step back and take that bigger look at our lives. We may not be able to work out the whole pattern, which belongs to God, but we may then at least to be able to see ourselves in perspective.

This may well be sound and excellent advice, but not always straightforward to do. It is all too easy to rush frantically around and never stop long enough to question what we are doing and why.

As we take time to pause, to have those moments of stillness and look at our own tapestry of Life, may we live Life to the full as it comes to us day by day. In doing this may we remember to hold all things in their season, and in the hands of God, the divine weaver of our tapestry of Life.



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