St Mary’s Church

Welcome to Totnes

Totnes was a burh or fort founded in 950AD at the lowest crossing point on the Dart. In the sixteenth century Totnes was said to be the second richest town in Devon after Exeter, because of its export trade.

St Mary's ChurchThe town of Totnes and its architecture are a tourist attraction providing employment in the retail and leisure industries. The shops which cater well for the indigenous population also endeavour to meet the needs of the holiday maker, and are renowned for their individuality.

“However, it is accepted that this buzzing………. in the high street, is part and parcel of living in a town described by Time magazine as ‘the capital of New Age chic’ and by British Airways magazine as ‘one of the 10 funkiest places in the world’.”
Telegraph Property, 10.11.07

Totnes is situated in South Devon. Distances from large centres of population are Exeter 28 mls, Plymouth 22 miles, and Torbay 5 miles. The parliamentary constituency is Totnes, as are the Archdeaconry and Rural Deanery.

TurretsSt Mary’s Church, Totnes welcomes thousands of visitors each year. The Church is open daily from 8.45am to 5pm* (click here for times of services).

*Please note that St Mary’s Church closes at 4pm during the winter months (November to February). During the summer months, volunteers are on duty to welcome visitors to the church.

welcome leaflets are available in many languages

Click here to read about the history of St Mary’s.

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