St John’s Church

THE CHURCH of ST JOHN The EVANGELIST, Bridgetown, Totnes, Devon

St John’s, Bridgetown represents a marked and complementary contrast to St Mary’s in that, although there is a weekly sacramental service, there is no choir, and services are less formal – although undertaken in compliance with Common Worship.

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All the furniture within the worship area of the church is moveable, with the exception of the organ, so that the space lends itself readily to the introduction of different forms of worship, such as Taizé services, more intimate meditations ‘in the round’, or those themed with support from multi-media presentations or backdrops.

Embroidered wall hanging at St John's

Embroidered wall hanging at St John’s

The church is well aware of its important role as a community focus and facility for the use of various support groups. The worship area itself supports rehearsals, concerts and larger meetings.

St John’s has developed a friendly informal and flexible style of worship.


The Church of St John the Evangelist, Bridgetown dates from 1832. It was built by the eleventh Duke of Somerset for the tenants of his estate and was a chapel of ease to Berry Pomeroy. For more of St John’s early history, click here.

Side entrance with disabled access

Side entrance with disabled access

In the early 1970s St John’s became part of the parish of Totnes and in 2004 the name of the parish was changed to Totnes with Bridgetown.

In 1976, the church was gutted by fire with only the four walls remaining.

Considerable vision and realism were utilised in the re-build, resulting, on the one hand in a modern light, informal place of worship, carpeted with moveable seating, which tends to flexible, less formal worship; on the other, providing a most useful and adaptable community centre, much used and appreciated by local organisations providing the PCC with a major source on income.

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  2. Dear Sir’s,
    I have chartered a steam train from Dartmouth Steam railway for a carol singing evening on Thursday 10th December.
    The train leaves Paignton station at 6.30pm and travels to Kingswear for a service on the platform. Proceeds to Rowcroft.
    Please can i send you PDF copies of leaflets, poster, banner and tickets.
    Kind regards
    Jeremy Partridge
    Chairman SAC

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