JUNE 2016: floral and photographic displays in St Mary’s Church, Totnes, and including a Vintage Afternoon Tea event

A sincere thank you to everyone who supported this very well-attended event (sorry about the wait to be served!) and to all those who generously contributed and worked so hard. Special gratitude to the wonderful pianists and Jan Dietz on the organ who proved to be ‘the icing on the cake’. Sandra Nicholson

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Some behind the scenes photographs showing the hard work and artistry that went into arranging the flowers and photographs, and also preparations for the Vintage Afternoon Tea event – many thanks to everyone who contributed and took part in making these beautiful and much-admired displays.

photographs copyright © 2016 marcus@integraldesign / totnes with bridgetown pcc

VINTAGE AFTERNOON TEA – photographs by Pip & Mike Shail

Yet more photographs have arrived of last month’s Vintage Afternoon Tea event.
On the principle that one cannot have too much tea, we have pleasure in presenting them here. Photo credits: Pip & Mike Shail, who popped back from Spain for a little while.
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GwynandMair  DebbiechoosinghercakePruwPipMikeandFriends  LindaGeraldineandKitchenJuneandFriends  TheWorkersTeaPartyJoan  SandraandNick

photographs copyright © 2016 Pip & Mike Shail

VINTAGE AFTERNOON TEA – more photographs and a thank you

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photographs copyright © 2016 Martin Harvey