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Bedroom Tax

If you are having problems with this, then go to the Drop In, Burke Road Industrial Estate on Fridays between 9.30am and 11.30am. Someone from SHDC will be there to advise.

We have heard that Councils are making unilateral decisions about this, so I am making enquiries as to how DevonCC is handling it.


If you are struggling with debt, then contact Christians Against Poverty (CAP). We have a part time representative at Totnes United Free: Jan Hamilton

CAP is a professional organisation which offers its service for free with no strings attached. Professionals can deal with all financial and legal aspects of debt and will support you throughout the process of becoming debt free.

(see also the agencies’ own pages under the Community menu)

Totnes Food Bank logoTotnes Food Bank

Officially launched in September 2012, this food bank project is being run in conjunction with local agencies to identify and serve families in crisis.

UPDATE: To make it easier for our congregations, Food Bank donations can now be left at St Mary’s Church, at ANY of the 8am or 11.15am services. Food left at other times will be picked up and delivered. (Market Place Ministries continues as a collection place.) 

UPDATE: We have now added cleaning materials and toiletries to the items which can be donated.

streetpastorslogosmallTotnes Street Pastors

Totnes Street Pastor Teams go out between 10pm and 2am.  The young people that they meet are very lively, but they are friendly and welcoming and generally the evening ends without incident as they make their way home. The Teams carry simple First Aid, space blankets and give out hot soup when they find people in need.

caplogoChristians Against Poverty

The Christians Against Poverty (CAP) representative here in Totnes is Jan Hamilton.

CAP deals with debt – even the most severe. They will take the bills and demands, deal with the agencies involved (even if this means going to court) and set up a payment system to begin to work off the debt.

See the Christians Against Poverty page for contact details and more information.

dropinmapsmallDrop-In Centre
Burke Road Industrial Estate
Immediate right, after the crossing and South Devon House, opposite the Food Bank (see below for more about the latter).

Standard opening times:
Monday – Friday 9.30am–12.30pm
Saturday closed
Sunday 12.30pm–1.30pm

[During the week after 12.30pm, if there is a real emergency pop along to the Drop In – Mark Hatch’s contact details are posted there.]

[Please note, however, that the Drop-In is now longer at the Red Wizard on Sundays, owing to owner John McAdie recovering from recent illness.]

  • Contact Liz Waterson for more information on 01803 849345 or email Liz.
  • Read more about the Totnes Drop In Centre here.

givingbackGIVING BACK – giving to others from a place of gratitude.
An initiative working with selected coffee shops and restaurants in Totnes, enabling patrons, whilst enjoying their own coffee or meal, to make a gift to benefit either the homeless or local people in need.

Giving Back promotes giving to others from a place of gratitude for what we have, for no other reason other than because we can.
Two coffee shops in Totnes have already joined the scheme. They are Seeds 2 and The Green Cafe. Karela Delicacies is expected to be live by the end of April.
• for more details see :

network of wellbeing logoNetwork of Wellbeing 

This network helps Mark from the Drop In (see above) to recycle food waste (he isn’t in a position to afford Council Collection).

Larch Maxey from the network comes to the Drop-In and takes left over fresh food, delivering to those who can use it on the day. Food not fit for human consumption goes to the chickens or compost.

UPDATE: Fresh food from our Harvest displays across the Team Churches went to Larch of the Network for Wellbeing and was distributed appropriately.

  • Contact Liz Waterson for further details – she is happy to deliver food stuffs to the Drop-In and Food Bank for you: call 01803 849345 or email Liz.
  • Read more about the Network of Wellbeing here.


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