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caregiftaccountCare Gift Account – update
This is to let you know that from across the team, we have collected just under £2k this year for the Charities that the Care Gift Account supports: the Drop In, the Food Bank, Christians Against Poverty (debt relief)
Some of the money goes into the CGA account and quite a lot goes directly to Mark for weekly expenses (or paid by cheque to RLM Drop In) and won’t show in the CGA account. However, I log every donation in order to keep the handling of money transparent
We are also blessed that we have 3 Standing Orders and we also Gift Aid.
Thank you to everyone for your continued generosity because every week I have food and eggs to give to the Food Bank as well. This too is a result of the generosity of our churches, not just the team but ecumenically.
Also, due to everyone’s generosity we also always have enough bedding and clothing to help out Mark whenever he is in need – and every year we are able to give a generous donation to CAP towards the Christmas Hampers that they make for each of their clients.
Last year, too, in November, I did an extra call for help within a very short time scale for refugees in Calais – ecumenically we were able to send appropriate clothing and a very generous donation to those in need in Calais. The money donated has also been appropriately documented. It was handled via Prof Jill Lewis who is a leading light in Beyond Borders Totnes (scroll up for latest news).
Totnes Street Pastors continues to self-fund so that we don’t take away from other important charities.
If you would like to give a small donation, just put it in a envelope marking it Care Gift Account and drop it the collection box at the back of St Mary’s Church. It will be banked and as soon as we have between £50 and £100, I will contact the charities to see where the money is most needed.
• telephone Liz Waterson on 01803 849345 or email Liz
read more about the Care Gift Account here

caregiftaccountBackground to our CGA
Along with firming up our regular contributions
to the Totnes Food Bank, the Totnes Drop In and supporting Christians Against Poverty (CAP) in their debt advice and support – all of which are based in Totnes – I thought that it might be a good idea to set up a Totnes Team Care Gift Account.

Often people are very happy to give small financial gifts and indeed find it easier than bringing items of shopping. Rather than handing out the money piecemeal, if we had an account into which we could place financial gifts, over time we could save up a substantial amount which could then be put to greater and more effective use at the point of need.

caregiftgraph201401Carole at the Food Bank and Jan from CAP often find people in quite a bit of distress, as their finances have unravelled. There has been a great deal of media interest in pay day loans etc.

Both Carole and CAP advise against anything of the sort, because even carefully managed loans, put people in financial crisis into greater debt. They actually need a one-off gift which may just be the straw that actually saves the camel’s back!

All financial gifts are handled by the charities themselves and so we know that our donations will be fully and properly apportioned.

As members of the C of E we have a financial responsibility to pay our Quota but we also read that the heart of God is for the poor and disadvantaged.

At a time when churches are struggling with their financial responsibilities, I don’t want to place a further burden on them, but thought that if, from time to time, we invited, from across the team, small donations of between £1 – £10 and saved it up, we could be in a position to help.

Already we have saved enough in the account from church and individual gifts to give a substantial donation of £60 to CAP for their Christmas Food Hamper Scheme – and the account has only just opened!

So, if you are able, from time to time, to give a small gift to the Care Gift Account just pop it in an envelope (cash or cheques payable to The Care Gift Account and leave it in your church Vestry we will pick it up when we come on Sundays. Or you can pop it in the large collection box at St Mary’s Totnes, clearly marked).

As we build up amounts between £50 and £100, I’ll contact the charities to ask where the cash will be most helpful and get the money straight to them.

Liz Waterson
• contact Liz on 01803 849345, or email Liz Waterson


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