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COMMUNITY NEWS with Liz Waterson

harvestfestivalbigMANY THANKS to everyone for their marvellous generosity over the Harvest Time.
The schools and churches have given wonderful amounts of food.
It might be good, after the bumper harvest of food that we have received, if we could collect toiletries and household cleaning products.
May I make one plea – please check the sell by dates. I have to go through all the gifts and remove those that are out of date, empty the cans and then recycle – rather messy work. Any out of date food sent to the Food Bank which has to be disposed of by them has to be paid for. Also, very sadly, we are unable to give homemade gifts as there is provenance or dating. This is not problem at our fairs or coffee mornings, because purchaser and seller deal directly with one another.
Any gifts, if you are unable to leave them in church, may be left at any time in my porch. I am also collecting duvets and blankets and clothes for Mark, who will be opening the Drop In as a Night Shelter this Winter.
further information telephone  Liz Waterson on 01803 84934 / 32 Copland Meadows TQ9 6ER


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