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stmaryssealgravatarWELCOME to the latest News post. Things are quite quiet for the rest of July (except for the choir party this coming Friday!). But August more than makes up for that, starting with of course the Big Summer Fete, which has been keeping many people very busy behind-the-scenes in recent weeks.
Bridgetown Alive! is very busy too over the next few weeks, offering a Summer Fun Day, a chance to meet our MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston, and a couple of weeks later there’s their annual meeting.
Making up about half the length of this blog is news about the Totnes Team ministry’s Children’s Work – read about how Open the Book, Messy Church and Collective Worship all interrelate…and there’s very good news about the newly-formed St Mary’s Junior Choir, which – thanks to the hard work and generosity of many – now has enough funds to buy robes.
We round-off this time with the latest Community News, from Liz Waterson and others…more good things to learn, enjoy, attend and help with.
PS remember to check out the Events page for a full listing of all upcoming events

THE BIG SUMMER FETE – posters and car banners now available, or print your own!

Last minute details of events, stalls, supporters and sponsors have been arriving, and we’ll post the official Fete press release on here very soon. Keep an eye open for articles and adverts in Totnes Directory and Totnes Times.

Just over a week to go – there’s still time to help promote the Big Summer Fete!
If you’d like a hard copy of the poster or car banner, telephone Lynne Birch on 01803 840259 or email Lynne.
Or, if you’d prefer to print your own, just click the previews, below, to download full-size pdf files. (If your printer doesn’t print edge-to-edge, use the smaller version of the banners.)

summerfete2015poster72dpi stmarysfetecarbanners1 stmarysfetecarbanners2

• see the Events page for the current Big Summer Fete listing

NEWLY-ADDED EVENTS in Ashprington, Bridgetown and Brooking

stmarysexterioraug2013__02NEW: Sunday 2nd August at 11.15am
St Mary’s Church, Totnes
• there will be no morning service at St John’s Church, Bridgetown on this day

stdavidsashpringtonNEW: Saturday 2nd August at 6.30pm
St David’s Church, Ashprington
A service of favourite hymns, prayer and readings, sacred and secular.
• St David’s Church is one of our Team Churches

sarahwollastonNEW: Monday 10th August from 6.30pm to 7.30pm
St John’s Church, Bridgetown
Another excellent opportunity to share our views with our MP Dr Sarah Wollaston; she will be sending invitations to all Bridgetown residents nearer the time.
• a Bridgetown Alive! event

bridgetownparkerswayNEW: Wednesday 19th August from 12noon to 4pm
Parkers Way Play Area
A chance for local residents to share their wishes and visions for the future – play areas, rubbish bins, road signs, traffic, support for young people and more.
• a Bridgetown Alive! event

stbarnabaschurchbrookingNEW: Sunday 30th August at 10.30am
St Barnabas’ Church, Brooking
• no morning services on this day at St Mary’s, Totnes and St John’s, Bridgetown
• photo credit: Ruth Sharville (click to enlarge), used under CC licence

Wednesday 9th September
 at 6.30pm
in the Daisy Play Centre in the grounds of
St John’s Church, Bridgetown
• this will also include the BA! AGM

CHILDREN’S WORK IN THE TOTNES TEAM by Diana Lusher & Revd Debbie Parsons

openthebooklogoNews from Messy Church and Open the Book
The Open the Book project, Messy Church and Collective Worship are just three of the ways in which the Totnes Team ministry engage with young people in our local primary schools.
The themes in Open the Book and Messy Church are reinforced through Collective Worship.
Through the Open the Book project, dedicated teams of trained volunteers go into local primary schools fortnightly and deliver a story based around the Lion Storyteller Bible by Bob Hartman. Every story takes 10 to 15 minutes to deliver and is fully scripted and direction-noted, which the local team follow as closely as possible, with the team using props and involving the children in the story to bring it to life.
The stories are about well-known characters, such as Jonah and the Whale or Daniel in the Lion’s Den. But they’re also about important values like faith, courage, patience and selflessness – so children of other faiths, or those with no particular faith, can watch and enjoy the stories for their own sake and draw from them what they will.
The project has the full approval and support of OFSTED.
Open the Book is currently offered in St John’s, Bridgetown, Berry Pomeroy Primary, Harbertonford Primary, Stoke Gabriel Primary, Marldon Primary, Landscove Primary, Dartington Primary and will be offered to The Grove School.
messychurchblueMessy Church runs monthly at St John`s, Bridgetown from 3.30pm to 5.30pm on Saturdays and – where possible – picks up a theme used in Open the Book. This helps the children to remember the stories, as they are delivered in different ways by different people.
Messy Church offers craft activities based on the theme, a short 15 minutes act of worship and ends with a shared mealMessy Church is geared to Primary school age children and their parents or carers, but older and younger siblings are welcome too, and it is FREE (but donations are welcomed).
For more details on the above, please contact:
Chris Grimshaw, Open the Book co-ordinator • email Chris
Steph Webb Open the Book co-ordinator for Marldon only • email Steph
Diana Lusher, Messy Church co-ordinator • email Diana
Revd. Deborah Parsons, Collective Worship co-ordinator • email Debbie
• click here for the Messy Church page
• view some galleries of photos from Messy Church

ST MARY’S JUNIOR CHOIR – updates on fundraising

There has been an excellent response to the appeal for donations towards the purchase of choir robes for the Junior Choir.
Firstly, there have been numerous donations by special envelope.
Secondly, we have had two organ recitals in St Mary’s by top class organists during the last month to raise money for the appeal fund, and thanks to those of you who supported them in many different ways.
juniorchoirrobeAppetising cakes appeared for sale, as if by magic, on both occasions – so special thanks to the people who made them, and also to the happy, enthusiastic people who came so willingly to sell and serve them on both occasions.

I am delighted to say that, thanks to you all, and a generous donation from the PCC, we have raised enough money to cover the cost of the robes and I shall now be able to present ‘Wippells’ of Exeter with a firm order for choir robes for the Junior Choir.

Our request for Junior Choir donations will have to be ongoing, as choirs need to have music bought for them to sing, and we must build up reserve funds so that we are ready to purchase more choir robes when we have other children coming forward to join the choir. Future events and concerts will be arranged to support this cause.
The Junior Choir parents, themselves, will be providing and selling cake after the Family Eucharist services, and Gina Rogers has kindly given the Junior Choir her delicious jams to sell also.
Thanks to everyone for not only giving financial support, but also for all the encouragement and goodwill you have directed towards the Junior Choir. The ‘adult’ St Mary’s choir deserve a special mention in this respect.
Jan Dietz

Hexagonal Jam JarsJam-making for the Junior Choir
To help continue the fund-raising towards current and future expenses for the Junior Choir, e.g. robes for new members or for those who’ve outgrown them, and for music sheets, there will be a selection of jams on sale after the Family Service at St Mary’s each Sunday.
Normally the jams would be priced at £2 a pot, but because we would like to raise monies towards the Junior Choir’s needs, could we suggest that the £2 is the minimum price and if you can and feel like paying more, then this will go directly to Jan to help kit out the Junior Choir members who so enhance our Family Service. Sales of the jams will be on the table by the Font. Do be generous please, thank you!
cakes will also be on sale after the service, proceeds also for our Junior Choir Fund

COMMUNITY NEWSwith Liz Waterson

mebeforeyoubookThe next Bookclub meeting will be on 3rd August at 7pm. Please note that Lynne Birch will be hosting it at Golden Oktober, Jubilee Road, Totnes TQ9 5BP (not at the Vicarage).
The next book we shall be discussing is Me Before You by Jojo Moyes, and Claire Grimshaw will facilitate the discussion.
• click the book cover to enlarge it

longmarsh_aerial_viewMessy Church picnic
Saturday 22nd August at 3pm
We’ve decided to have an informal meeting of Messy Church at Longmarsh Park. Bring your own picnic and we’ll play games, walk, talk and generally have fun!
• see Events page for latest information
• next regular Messy Church is on Saturday 19th September, theme: Harvest – Ruth and Naomi

summerfete2015poster72dpiPlease help to stock the produce stall at the Big Summer Fete on Saturday 1st August!
We need plants, cut flowers, jams & chutneys, fruit and vegetables. If you don’t have anything in your garden, do you know gardeners who might donate? ALSO NEEDED are bottles for the bottle stall, cakes and bric a brac – all very welcome.
Contact any of the following: Lynne Birch, Diana Brown, Jan Dietz, Tony Gregg, Jane Mountford, Sandra Nicholson or Carolyn Stilwell…drop off your contributions at St Mary’s the day before, between 2pm and 7pm…or just bring them along on the day (ideally before 12noon).
we have a really exciting programme of events, stalls and games on offer, so please come along on the day too!

stmarysberrypomeroySt Mary the Virgin’s Church, Berry Pomeroy
Those who would like to know more about our Team churches might like to visit Berry Pomeroy’s Church’s website, The Friends of Berry Pomeroy Church, at
• click the photo to enlarge it

penniesforheavenPennies for Heaven
There is a collection box at the back of St John’s Church, Bridgetown, every Sunday for your pennies and tuppennies.

stmarys03_72Reminder: Stewarding at St Mary’s Church
Have you a free hour in the week? Would you like to welcome our weekday visitors with a smile? 
We have stewards’ badges, a crib sheet and general guidelines for you. The scheme is light touch – choose your hour and come when you can and don’t worry when you can’t.
Those who are currently stewarding have really enjoyed meeting all the many people that come in to see our beautiful church or to pray quietly and light a candle in the Chapel.
• please contact Liz Waterson on 01803 849345


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