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Brrr, feeling chilly from a very frosty February? Warm yourself a little by adding this year’s Summer Fete to your diary – see below! Also below are some snippets of news, plus a glance at some imminent events…

UPCOMING EVENTS – see the Events page for more

clockworkmothposterFriday 6th & Saturday 7th February at 7pm (doors open 6.30pm)
St John’s Church, Bridgetown
The Clockwork Moth presents
a Shadow Play by The Brothers Grimm, more

clockworkmothworkshopSaturday 7th February from 2pm to 3.30pm
St John’s Church, Bridgetown
with The Clockwork Mothmore

stvalentineSaturday 14th February at 11am
St Mary’s Church, Totnes
Coffee Concert:
A musical celebration of love on Saint Valentine’s Day, by choristers of Exeter Cathedral past and presentmore

messychurchpurpleSaturday 14th February from 3.30pm to 5.30pm
St John’s Church, Bridgetown
theme: St Valentine’s Day – Love Rules
We need small cakes please.
You are very welcome to come to the planning meeting for the next Messy Church,
at 3 Sparrow Road, Totnes on Tuesday 17th February at 10.30am.
more about Messy Church here
• see some photos of Messy Church

COMMUNITY NEWS with Liz Waterson

parishgivingschemeGIVING MADE PAINLESS
Sunday 8th March during services:
• St John’s Church, Bridgetown 9.30am
• St Mary’s Church Totnes 11.15am
The Parish Giving Officer, Katie Roscorla, will be visiting both St John’s and St Mary’s Churches to present and explain the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS).
• Katie will be speaking at both churches at their standard Sunday services instead of a sermon, and will be on hand afterwards to explain further details

housegroupTuesday Afternoon House Group
The group will meet at Margaret Beckwith’s house ‘Greystones’ (in St John’s car park), on Tuesday 17th February at 2pm when we shall begin the Lent course – the Pilgrim Course on The Creeds. We will continue to meet bi monthly
• telephone Liz Waterson on 01803 849345 or email Liz

table talkTable Talk
Every third Thursday of the month at The Seven Stars between 10am and 12noon. Meet at the large table at the back, behind the bar, for coffee etc.
• contact Anne Binns for more information on 01803 840146

albertinn_72Sunday Lunches
If you would like to have a roast lunch at the Albert Inn, Bridgetown, on the first Sunday of the month with members of St John’s and St Mary’s
• to book, please ring Anne Binns on 01803 840146 by the previous Thursday

[read more about Groups and Meetings here]

summerfete01For your diary:

Saturday 1st August, in and around St Mary’s Church, Totnes
“Even bigger, even better”
• photos from the last two years’ fetes are here and here


Parish News August 2014Parish News Febuary 2015 – this month’s newsletter, compiled and designed by Julian Hall, once again features 13 pages full of news, articles and information.

This issue includes:

  • Lent – by the Reverend Julian C Ould
  • It’s Just a Thought – by the Reverend Cliff Berdinner
  • The Story of Justin (part 15) – by Helga Watts (see past newsletters for preceding parts of this epic tale)
  • Giving Made Painless – on Sunday 8th March, the Parish Giving Officer, Katie Roscorla, will be visiting both St John’s and St Mary’s Churches to present and explain the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS)
  • Chris finds God through science and poetry – a love of science and poetry helps Christopher Southgate to connect to God
  • Word for Today: When God Feels Distant – another extract from UCB’s Word For Today booklet (available free in both Churches), see also
  • The Glory of God – by Nick McKinnel, Bishop of Crediton
  • Amid the Winds and the Waves of Life – by Gemma Curran
  • The Day the Sun Stood Still – poem by Megan Carter
  • How Can You be Competent When it Comes to Prayer? – by Bev Shepherd
  • Finally, Miscellaneous Observations on Our Life and Faith – a compilation of quotes
  • O Come, All You That Love the Lord – poem by Nigel Beeton
  • Unfamiliar Words Can Make People Feel Uneasy, but Embracing New Languages is Good for Us – by AL Kennedy
  • …and as always, Contact Details, Events, Adverts and Service Times

To download in pdf format right-click HERE (ctrl+click Mac), or click on the thumbnail to read online.
• remember you can advertise in the newsletter


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