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COMMUNITY NEWS with Liz Waterson

foodboxAs our community and churches do so much to support the Totnes Food Bank, I thought that you might like an update.
Carol says that clients change from week to week. She and her team can be delivering between 30 and 80 food parcels per week. During the Christmas period, it went up to 100.
Some people just need a week some several weeks and some continue to need support from several months. Each food parcel is delivered personally by Carol and her team, and made up according to the needs of the people receive it.
Mark has food and small monetary gifts at the Drop In for emergency aid.
• more about the Drop In

The Totnes Street Pastors Winter 2015 Newsletter is now available for download.
StreetPastorsWinterNews2015a StreetPastorsWinterNews2015b
or click the thumbnails above to view them larger

churchflowersMy sincere and grateful thanks to all who helped in any way by providing, arranging and watering the flowers in St Mary’s Church during the year. Now we come to another year and the plea goes out again – the new rota will shortly be on the board, so PLEASE sign up.
I am going to need more help as I will not be able to get to the Church as frequently to check and water during the week.
I look forward to seeing some new names on the list – don’t be shy, no need to feel you are not good enough – we’ve all been there! If you are unsure or uncertain, give me a call on 01803 863918.
Joan Caskey

Sacred Space
Some photos have arrived via Reverend Debbie Parsons of the recent Sacred Space, themed Cloth for the Cradle.
sacredspaceadvent01 sacredspaceadvent02
next Sacred Space is on Sunday 25th January, full details here

Totnes Drop-In Centre
Winter 2014 newsletter with photos, news and information
DropInNewsletter2014winterside1 DropInNewsletter2014winterside2
click the images to enlarge
• or click here to download as pdf about the Drop In and Night Shelter

Community Potluck with Network of Wellbeing (click photos to enlarge)
totnes community potluck by nertwork of wellbeing totnes community potluck by nertwork of wellbeing
NOW’s Mirella Ferraz explains the origins of the term ‘potluck’:
The idea of a potluck is that each person contributes a dish to a collaborative meal shared by all who attend. The term is closely related to a native American tradition called “potlatch” which is a gift giving ceremony where praise is given for the best gift.
• next Community Potluck is on Friday 16th January, full details here

St John's Church handprintsThe Meditation Group meets at St John’s, Bridgetown, from 7.30pm to 9pm, on the 2nd Friday of every month. Everyone is welcome to attend this informal group!
• breaking our regular pattern, the next meeting will be on Friday, 23 January, during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity
• there will be no meeting in February
• the next meeting after this will be on Friday, 6 March to mark Women’s World Day of Prayer
• enquiries to Tricia Stokes on 01803 762158
• more about groups and meetings here


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