updates for January part 1

Newsletter+Aug13Sunday 05 January 2014
6.30pm to 7.15pm at St John’s Church, Bridgetown
Sacred Space: A New Start
A new initiative of St Mary’s and St John’s churches, held bi-monthly, and is an opportunity for alternative and creative worship. This may particularly suit anyone who finds they do not relate to conventional, traditional forms of worship but who is looking for different ways to encounter God and to respond to a sense of the Holy.
• For more information, email Reverend Debbie Parsons or telephone Debbie on 01803 840113

childrenssocietyCHRISTMAS COLLECTIONS RAISE £460: The combined collection for the Children’s Society from the two Services on Christmas Morning amounted to £406.73; with Gift Aid, the total becomes £460.
• Many thanks to all who attended for their generous donations.

Totnes Food Bank logoMONTHLY FOOD BANK COLLECTION: We are coming up to the first Sunday in January and are ushering in a New Year so we thought a reminder would be in order that at the 8am and 11.15am services at St Mary’s Church on Sunday January 5th we will be putting out the box for any contributions you may have for the Food Bank.
You have been very generous in past months and this is much appreciated at the chalk face. Perhaps a New Year’s resolution if you have not made a contribution so far?
• If you’re unable to deliver food to any of the drop off points (especially during holiday closures) ring or text Carol Leigh on 07854 629502 & she will come and pick up the food.
• A Very Happy and Blessed New Year! Lynne and Gina

treasurechestNEEDED: Can you help us? Also for the Food Bank, do you have an unwanted small wooden chest or box that could be used at St Mary’s Church as a collection point for donations? An old toy box, for example, would be ideal. We can refurbish it if necessary.
• Please contact Lynne Birch on 01803 840259
or email Lynne

St John's Church handprintsOVER THE NEXT FEW MONTHS the Meditation Group will be meeting at St John’s Church, Bridgetown, from 7.30pm to 9pm on the following Fridays: 17th January, 7th February & 14th March. Everyone is welcome to attend this informal group!
• Enquiries to Tricia Stokes 01803 762158

ECUMENICAL HOUSE GROUP FOR MEN: This group now meets fortnightly, from Monday 6th January 2014 at Victoria House. Meal at 7pm followed by meeting.
• Phone John Hawkins on 01803, 864328 for more information
• Click here for information about other groups and meetings


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