Christmastime photos & news

Christmas Party at the Rectory, Totnes, 11th December 2013


Click the photos to enlarge them, or view them here in the gallery.

New photos in the Winter gallery:
Freezing fog in the Market Square, Totnes, 11th December 2013


christmastreefestival2013_04Today’s Home page photo is a detail from the Totnes / Vire Twinning Association‘s tree (part of the Christmas Tree Festival, on display in St Mary’s Church until 5th January 2014).

• We’ll swap the photo every few days throughout the month.
• Click here to view more photos from the Festival.

The recent Service of Thanksgiving for our Animals was a great success. Organiser Sandra Nicholson mailed us to say:

“On behalf of the animals, thank you once again everyone. The retiring collection was an amazing £400.”

Bob the BusBob the Bus…

A reminder that the Bob the Bus fundraisers have a Cake and Handicrafts Stall at Birdwood House, Totnes, on Friday mornings. Support your local services!
(Photo credit: South Hams District Council.)

Scroll down for recent Christmas news and announcements…


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