Round-up of latest news

gloriouschorusposter140613_800pxNEW EVENT: Glorious Chorus Fundraising Concert for Rowcroft Hospice and Devon CAP charity, Sunday 14th July at St John’s Church. See Upcoming events for full details.

  • Poster available in our Downloads section, please print and display if possible.

DonHalsteadwalkCongratulations to Don Halstead of St. Mary’s, who took part in a sponsored walk in aid of the Stroke Association on Saturday.

Unfortunately, Don forgot his stick but still managed to get within a yard of his target by supporting himself on a low wall – a splendid effort (click photo for bigger version).

Don has raised quite a bit of sponsorship money and I thought some of you might like the make a pledge of sponsorship too, albeit after the event. If so, please email me and I will pass your details on. Thank you, Julian Hall

wateraidletter280513WaterAid have sent Martin Harvey a thank-you letter on behalf of the people of Kampala for the £409.28 recently raised.

Click the letter to view and read a larger version.

More thank-yous: 

Children’s Society Appeal – Thank you to everyone at St Mary’s and St Johns who kindly responded to our Annual Appeal (13th to 27th April ) The total amount collected was £173.00. Eileen Crang & John Burston

Over £1,718 was raised during the Christian Aid Week in May. A very big thank-you to all those who gave their time to collect and helped in other ways, and also for their very generous donations. The total for the street collection and at Morrisons was £1,200. Other donations have amounted to £518 – so a grand total of £1,718. £242 of this was gift-aided, so at 25% that is another £60 to Christian Aid. So again many thanks to everybody.

newsletterthumb201306The June edition of the Parish Newsletter is now available via our Newsletters page. Highlights include:

  • Ordinary Times & Extraordinary Moments by the Rev’d Deborah Parsons
  • It’s just a thought by the Rev’d Cliff Berdinner
  • And much more…

A reminder that advertising space is still on offer in the monthly newsletter. Four local business have now booked space. The next step is to expand the newsletter, allowing more space for editorial contributions. So please help if you can to find more advertisers and also please give some thought to submitting an article on any subject that may be of interest — we need your input!

summerfete02Can anyone lend a paddling pool for use at the Fete on August 3rd? It would need to be fairly sizeable (and preferably portable!). If you are curious to know why we need it, you’d better come to the Fete and find out. Other help still needed too.

Read more about the fete…

PrintBe prepared: Scouts are saving aluminium cans, bottles and other items to be recycled. Proceeds will be used to help disabled children.

Contact Julian Hall for more information.

redwizardHave you heard of Suspended Coffee, coffee based acts of kindness?

It’s a scheme where you can pay for a coffee that is ‘suspended’ – you ‘pay it forward for someone in need’. Then someone in need of a coffee, but who can’t really afford it, is able to have a drink. The Red Wizard Café, next to Happy Apple, participates in the scheme. You can also suspend a meal or sandwiches…


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